January 04, 2016


HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We sincerely hope everyone had wonderful winter holidays whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas or any other festive event and of course New Years! So long 2015 you've been a peach but on to bigger and better things (and to me writing 2015 oops 2016 on everything for the next two months)! 

Pipe and Row was hopping this holiday season, we had our big monthly event that kicked off our big before holiday sale that led into our big after holiday sale. Yes, you're all welcome for those :) It meant lots of gift wrapping, gift shopping and of course eating and drinking. Now our post Holiday sale is still going on and everyone needs to stop by! We've got tons of great items we want out the door. More importantly, our winter accessories are pretty much a must have for these final months of chilly weather. Hats and poms, poms and hats, poms poms poms, candles, and jewelry are all on my current post shopping list. Why? WHY NOT I'D SAY. Plus,with all my holiday cookies and overindulgence, accessories are my jam these days. Whoever said sweatpants cant be dressed up with a little bolo choker and stud earring clearly has never consumed a dozen cookies and a few pies over the holidays. And because I am totally okay with that expandable waistline, I'm embracing the opportunity to explore ways to style accessories. 



I, for one was really excited about ringing in the New Year. We hope you are all excited as well and had a fun evening planned whether you were chilling at home or out covered in glitter confetti at an event of venue. Although, I'm not one for New Years resolutions, I hope everyone has some new goals in mind. Pipe and Row's 2016 goals are pretty much to rock 2016 and have a blast doing it with new brands, returning favorite brands, new items and new artists or local talent. Happy 2016!