November 13, 2015


Alright folks, pull on your Stutterheims and shake off this cruddy weather, we're not letting it get in the way of our plans. Constant rain can only mean that the holidays are just around the corner (and reminds us that there are places like the Bahamas where we could live)! Not only do we have some great new items streaming in, we also have some great events coming up! First off, we have our monthly Fremont Third Thursday! Wooooo!

Last month was the first kick-off of our local event and we couldn't be more excited to do it again this month! So, next Thursday, November 19th, all the shops in Fremont will be putting out lit Planet Disco balls outside their stores to let you know they're participating. We ourselves will be placing our disco ball out at 1 o'clock sharp, have our table of goodies and snacks paired with some tasty beverages ready to go and of course inform you of the store wide discount! I've said this before, but I truly am a fan of everything in that last sentence right down to the disco ball so I don't know why anyone would miss this. 

This month we're inviting a good friend of ours to come as a special guest for the event! Lauren Tilden is a talented artist who specializes in calligraphy. We recently started carrying her beautiful hand made greeting cards with creative quotes and sayings on them. They've gotten a lot of love so far!  At next weeks Thursday event we've got the actual woman, the myth, the legend, Lauren, coming into the store to do live hand written letters for customers. Creative, unique and fun you say? A perfect guest to come hang at Fremont's Third Thursday? What a great gift idea for all those holiday needs?? We thought so too.


Make sure you get this event on your calendar for next week: November 19th, 1-8 pm throughout the Fremont neighborhood!  We will even be doing holiday gift wrapping so that you don't have to put down your glass of cabernet while still getting all your holiday shopping done and ready to go. Let me help you being a loving friend or family member. 

We didn't even get to chat about the holidays in this post that much but not to worry - this event, although our regular monthly event, will surely be the kick off for all the fun festivities coming this season. I'll be sure to keep you updated on all our events and favorite holiday trends and activities. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Favorite Holiday Pies and the Best Elastic Pants - Full Can be Cute too." You know you can't afford to miss that.