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Hey y'all, Hayley here from Neon Doves and I'm stoked to be guest blogging today for P+R :)  

I'm a sucker for versatility, I have to say. In fact, I often legitimize expensive items when I know it's something that I would wear outside of work as well as on my personal time (which essentially means out at the bars, let's just be real) Oh this is four hundred dollars? Well I'm technically going to wear it on the weekends and at work so that basically means it's two hundred dollars.... I mean am I right or am I right?

Pipe + Row is my favorite shop in Seattle because the owner, Kayla, is ahead of the curve on so many levels so I can rely on her for up and coming trends. I trust her as a buyer, completely. I also appreciate the fact that the store offers a wide range of prices. From high end to affordable to everything in between. So basically synonymous to pieces in my closet. With that being said, it's no surprise that I bought my most recent staple piece at P+R. My boyfriend would say that I've borderline slept in it since buying it, which is embarrassingly accurate. I'm talking about the BLQ Oversized Trench and I love her like I love Chipotle. I have a weird obsession with raw hem, so her beauty caught my eye immediately. After placing her on my bod and everything hung in all the right places, I was convinced she was at least six hundred dollars. Wool + Raw Hem + Perfect Fit almost always = Hella Dolla Bills, y'all. That's where the catch is with this essential piece of glory; she's beyond affordable. A staple coat for under $150? I mean that just doesn't exist. That's probably why I just bought her in grey, too. Point being, my lovelies, is that if you're looking for that "one piece I need to have to bring any outfit to oh hey girl status", you've just found her. 

Here wearing the BLQ Wool Trench and BLQ Tunic Dress. We also love to pair the Lacausa slip dresses with this trench here.

Here wearing that beloved trench (obviously) and some of my Fresh Tangerine jewelry!

Here wearing Sol Sana Xavier Leather Mules 

I could go on and on about all the goodies I've snagged from P+R since it's been open, but let's be real, it would take a fair while and we have things to do! Okay but it's definitely necessary that I mention these leather buckle beauts and beige layered dress that have also come home with me recently. Do I like them? Let's just say they've been sharing the bed right there with me and the trench. Sorry bf, we have to make room for the whole family. Point is, P+R, peep that ish.

Be sure to check out more P+R posts from Neon Doves and just read it cuz theres always fun stuff going on there!

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