October 28, 2015

October is my favorite month. For one, October means it's Halloween time! Also, it's the first month where I can really start to feel the season change (which means it's time to break out my cold weather clothes.) As someone who relies heavily on layering to style almost all of my outfits, it's a relief when the crisp weather starts to strike. This means I can stop wearing whatever confused summer outfits I've thrown together (I'm calling my summer aesthetic poolside dad) and really start wearing the cozy/more elaborate pieces that I love! We've got some awesome fall pieces in the shop that I've been dying to sport and now is the time!

Wearing the BLQ Bow Shearling Camo Jacket, Knot Sisters ribbed body con dress, and Pipe and Row Staples Oversized Pom Beanie. 

I believe my style oscillates between laid back/minimal and quirky/fashion conscious. I find the pieces that I am usually drawn towards a) must be cozy b) must be versatile enough to pair with either an easygoing outfit or a more *showstopping* getup c) must be either oversized or perfect for playing with proportions/layering. This outfit checks off all my boxes. I am OBSESSED with this BLQ camo coat. I knew the moment we got it in the shop I had to have it. The camo fleece textile with the contrast black vegan suede, exposed zipper, and oversized collar make it the perfect, unexpected piece. I throw it over everything. I also love this Knot Sisters dress. I usually don't go for body con, the but ribbed texture with the balance of the high neck and the slightly longer hem (it's all about balance) really makes it the perfect all purpose dress. 

Wearing the BLQ Bow Shearling Camo Jacket, Knot Sisters ribbed body con dress, and Pipe and Row Staples Oversized Pom Beanie. 

Lately I've been loving the idea of monochromatic outfits. Picking pieces of the same color/tone and using texture, weight, length, and fit to create interest in your outfit is one of my favorite trends right now. We in the shop are always dying over our latest Achro Brand pieces and these two are no exception. We can't keep this sweater on the shelves and I never want to take it off. The high neck, oversized sleeves, and incredible texture take it from your average cozy pullover to your fall MUST HAVE. I paired it with this amazing WOOL Achro wrap skirt. I want to wear this skirt with every outfit. The details are incredible and it is so versatile and comfortable, laid back yet innovative. I think next I'll pair it with a collared shirt, graphic pullover fleece, and some low profile sneakers :)


Wearing Achro High Neck Charcoal Sweater, Achro Wool Wrap Skirt, and Pipe and Row Staples Oversized Pom Beanie. 

Fun Fashion Tip: If you're low maintenance when it comes to the hairdo department (gulity) October is the perfect month for the every-outfit beanie. I'm obsessed with pom poms and this does not stop at hats. We've got an array of colors in the shop (even some with fur poms!) I took home an oversized black pom beanie and have yet to take it off. 

Wearing Achro High Neck Charcoal Sweater, Achro Wool Wrap Skirt, and Pipe and Row Staples Oversized Pom Beanie. 

October in Seattle means THE RAIN IS HERE TO STAY! Being a Seattleite usually means having a love/hate relationship with the familiar showers, but I'm not even kidding when I say this: having a Stutterheim in my closet makes me stoked to see downfall on the weather forecast. Before I picked up my Stutterheim I looked like a sad camping dad in my hiking jacket whenever precipitation hit. Now rain means my outfit is going to be even snazzier because I can throw this guy on. They're all PVC coated cotton, designed in Sweden and handmade in Poland. With double welded seams, no rain's getting through this baby! We always have these jackets in a variety of colors and styles (for men and women!) so choosing your favorite is on you :) The most practical fashion choice you can make. I paired my coat with my favorite One Teaspoon merino wool slouch pants.

Wearing the Stutterheim Stockholm StripeAchro High Neck Charcoal Sweater, One Teaspoon Slouch Pant, and Pipe and Row Staples Oversized Pom Beanie.

Words cannot describe how excited I am to finally don my autumn favorites. I've picked up so many great pieces at the shop over time that it was hard to even begin to decide what to share for this season. The great part is that we're always getting in new styles! As a person with a coat/sweater passion, it's hard for me to control myself. But you don't have to :) However you do fall, come down to the shop and we'll hook you up. Now go put on your cold weather faves and enjoy that pumpkin spice latte.

-Erin Fremder

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