Carlston Co Old Money scented small batch candle, carefully hand poured in Los Angeles, CA. A wealthy accord of boozy cocktails, tufted leather sofas, distant notes of tobacco, & dark wood panels. This candle was designed with aristocracy in mind. You may live in a studio, but at least it will smell like a country club parlor.

10.2 OZ. | 80 hour burn | 13% Fragrance
Notes: Boozy cocktails, tobacco, tufted leather, dark woods.

About Carlston Co. 

Founded in 2015 by Ryan Weed and Manny Alboroto, Carlston Company has quickly become a notable player in the Los Angeles fragrance scene. Our dedication to perfumery, and the detail in our product line has proven more than noteworthy among scent enthusiasts across the country. Our unique and varied backgrounds bring a style to our company that set us apart.

Scent has a moving power, even memory.  Our story began with a simple interest in beautiful fragrances. Through a natural succession of events, we discovered the mysterious world of perfumery. Since then, developing scents has become a borderline unhealthy obsession for us, and we are constantly formulating, and reformulating fragrances with the specific intention of creating a heightened experience through olfaction. We consider our entire line to be nothing short of a work of art, and we take great care in every detail.

Tested - We use only the highest quality fragrance ingredients in our scent designs.  Each piece of our line has been rigorously tested to ensure it is one of a kind.

Obsessive - High end fragrance is a lifestyle. A lifestyle we are obsessed with. We believe this obsession shows in our work.

USA - Our entire line is developed and produced in our shop in Los Angeles, CA. 


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